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6-Tool Players demand careers, not jobs. Are you one?

  • Posted on: May 17, 2019

A company working to add value for its clients can only do so if they attract, retain and develop great staff.

At CLEAR, we want to showcase great Filipino talent to Australian companies and work with great people to develop their careers.

That’s why CLEAR built a framework to help identify the best candidates in the market. That framework also drives how we engage with, develop and lead these great Filipino talents during their time with CLEAR.

We call them “6-Tool Players”. A 6-Tool Player is an outstanding professional who would work effectively in any company anywhere in the world.

The 6 Tools aren’t directly about skills and experience. They are about the attributes and character that we believe represent great Filipino talent. Being a 6-Tool Player means that you are adult, professional, smart, competitive, empathetic and have a thirst for learning.

Why are those things important? Because they are markers of people with whom we want to work and we want to work with our clients. People who contribute to success – their own careers, our clients’ businesses and to CLEAR.

6-Tool Players aren’t interested in a ‘job’ – they can get a job anywhere.

6-Tool Players want to work with other 6-Tool Players and with companies who can help them achieve their personal and career objectives.

Does this sound like you?

  • You want to make a name for yourself and know you have the drive to achieve your dreams
  • You have the patience and diligence to be excellent at your role today
  • You’re passionate and excited about learning more about your current role and where it can lead
  • You’re motivated by doing meaningful work with other great people
  • You understand the difference between taking a job and building a career.

When you think about your career, does this sound like the well-defined-and-shaped career you want?

  • You don’t take just any role offered to you. You assess how that role can help you acquire new skills and experiences
  • You maintain an appropriate work-life balance by setting short and long-term personal and professional goals – and recognizing that careers take some sacrifices
  • You develop skills to outthink, outsmart and overcome any problem you face
  • You take great satisfaction in achieving goals greater than yourself
  • You take even greater satisfaction in the achievements of others, particularly where your assistance and guidance have contributed to that achievement.

If you’re nodding, it sounds like you are 6-Tool Player looking to build your career.

You’ve come to the right place.

CLEAR has a single core value: Better for Business

Everything we do has to be better for our client’s business, our staff and better for CLEAR’s business.

We can only achieve that with 6-Tool Players. People in whom we invest in making sure they are better for our client, better for CLEAR and, importantly, better for themselves. We help shape leaders who take charge of their careers.

We’ll touch base again next week to talk some more about the first of the 6 Tools: Adult. What it means and why you need to be working with a company that treats you as an Adult.