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  • Posted on: June 8, 2020

As the right employer, CLEAR has the best interests in helping grow your career – how to ensure you build a meaningful and impactful career for yourself. We’ve adapted our business to best address our candidates’ and employees’ needs in the new reality.

In this edition of our weekly series on what we’ve learned and how CLEAR can help you meet the critical challenge of your career, our focus is on how great leaders help you advance in your career.

The right leaders for your career are world class: people who understand your career goals and are effective in helping you achieve them. It’s about a lot more than task delegation and measuring performance.

Getting a career is not easy. Great people demand great leadership to guide them through the right career. Because of that demand, great people can choose to work for larger corporations than working for a small or medium-scale company. Having a higher earning potential is also attractive to other (not great) people. So, how do you ensure the provision of great leadership in a potential employer?

Fundamentally, your employer should be able to hone and cultivate great leadership potential. Honing leadership skills and attitude requires a series of training programs and practical experience to source and select leaders who can help great people succeed in their careers. A great person is looking for an environment where they can excel. Produce valuable outcomes. Work with other great people. Take opportunities to develop themselves and their careers.

We learned the lesson of quality of leaders as a business. In the past, we would find someone who met the skills and experience a client wanted and thought that was enough. But people who weren’t managed by great leaders failed to achieve what their clients needed. We believe that great people want to learn and work with great leaders who help them become leaders themselves. As a result, we developed a leadership framework (Effin’ Good) that views skills and experience as ‘tablestakes’. Our focus is on assessing character: is this a highly skilled professional who is ALSO a great person? The effects are dramatic: great people achieving great things for their clients.

Working effectively without a great leader is challenging. It means a lack of direction and processes. If you’re not working with great leaders, then you’ll experience a problematic career journey.

Next week, we will look at how to get effectively managing world-class people.

All the best

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