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Why you want a career, not a job

  • Posted on: May 17, 2019

People often use the words ‘career’ and ‘job’ interchangeably

They are two distinct things and you need to make sure that you are pursuing a career, not just working in a job.

What is a job?

A job is working a period of time in return for some payment. It’s a transaction: you work, you get paid.

A job is a means to earn money. You’re going to have limited opportunities – if any – to advance. Very likely, you’re not passionate about what you’re doing. You’re probably doing it for someone you don’t much like or respect and they don’t care enough to like or respect you.

A job-filled resume often is a list of similar positions with different companies in different industries for short periods of time.

Your definition of getting ahead is a regular paycheck and a good reference from your manager. You’re only there from 8am to 5pm to get tasks done and leave on time. You only do the bare minimum and are probably saving your energy for other activities outside work.

What is a career?

A career is an occupation that you undertake for a significant period of your life. With opportunities to progress. To develop.

If a job is a way to make money; a career is a way to make a life. To build skills. To open new horizons. To challenge yourself. And, yes, to make more money than you would from working a series of jobs rather than building a career.