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Your career needs world-class leaders

  • Posted on: June 8, 2020

As the right employer, CLEAR has the best interests in helping grow your career – how to ensure you build a meaningful and impactful career for yourself. We’ve adapted our business to best address our candidates’ and employees’ needs in the new reality.

In this edition of our weekly series on what we’ve learned and how CLEAR can help you meet the critical challenge of your career, our focus is on leaders.

The right leaders for your career are world class: people who understand your career goals and are effective in helping you achieve them. It’s about a lot more than task delegation and measuring performance.

One impact of COVID-19 is the surge in videoconferencing and other remote working technologies. Working remotely has led many employees to consider how their leaders can provide valuable feedback and guidance when needed. When working at home – employees are now asking how to still communicate effectively with their manager to consistently produce high-quality output for my team and clients.

Working with the right employer gives you the opportunity to tap outstanding mentors in your field. Only you can decide for yourself what great employer looks like. It depends on your values, beliefs and personal situation. Some are well-suited to large corporations, while some thrive in working for smaller companies. The choice is really up to you.

The critical issue is whether or not an employer has great leaders on board. And that’s our strength as a business. Our leaders are committed to the growth of our people’s careers. It is our custom to find great talent and cultivate their skills and experience to better serve their clients. It didn’t take long for us to see the benefits of training and supporting our people. It empowered them to understand what their clients need and deliver great outcomes.

We now view coaching and feedback skills as “tablestakes”. Our focus is on character: is this a highly skilled leader who is ALSO a great person?

However, you choose to access a mentor – whether directly or indirectly – you also need to focus on quality. Are they credible enough? Do they practice what they preach? Don’t accept second best. Why? Because the right leaders bring out the best in great people, which allows them to deliver great outcomes for clients. Others don’t.

Next week, we will look at the importance of the right tools for your career.

All the best

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